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FromJapanWithLove - Esty And Yahoo! Store in Japan

Hello Kitty, Hannri Tofu, Rilakkuma, Pankunchi, Tarepanda, Mamegoma

Kawaii Anime Character Stationery in Japan
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Hi! My name is Sofia. I’m Canadian and soon to be married to a wonderful Japanese man. I’ve been living here in Japan for 9 years and have no plans to leave!

I’m thrilled to offer you fabulous Japanese supplies and handmade crafts such as cute and sometimes hard to find kawaii character goods (Crux, Kamio, Mindwave, Nohohon Park, Q-Lia, San-X, Sanrio, Swimmer), kawaii Japanese Stationery (Plush, Strap, Sticker, Memo pad, Letter set, Rubber Stamp, Postcard, Greeting Card, Envelope) here.

Yahoo! Store : Bento Box | Kitchen Items | Hannari Tofu | Hello Kitty | Kawaii Shopping On Yahoo Store From Japan With Love - http://www.from-japan-with-love.com/

Yahoo! Store : Japanese Craft Supplies | Jewelry Making | Nail Art | Sweets Deco | Scrapbooking | Card Making

Etsy Shop : DecoSweets - Wholesale Japanese Craft Supply for Jewelry Making, Nail Art, Sweets Deco etc - http://www.etsy.com/shop/decosweets

Etsy Shop : SouZouCreations - kawaii handmade ring, earrings, pendant etc - http://www.etsy.com/shop/souzoucreations

Etsy Shop : FromJapanWithLove - stickers, fabric, rubber stamp, Japanese paper - http://www.etsy.com/shop/fromjapanwithlove

I'm Female and Taken.

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